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As a small business based in Balaklava, SA, we're always happy to provide advice and suggestions for our customers to improve their energy consumption and to help ensure electrical safety is prioritised. 

We're regularly updating this page with new tips that may help you next time we're around, or could give you some ideas on things you can do yourself to save energy around your home or office. 

Jeff, the owner and Director of SwitchWorx Electrical is often posting useful videos up on our facebook page, so make sure you join us on facebook too!  

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Tip to Cut your Power Bill: LED vs Halogen

It can be confusing working out the differences between LED and Halogen light bulbs.

Many householders in South Australia are now concerned with being energy efficient – and we don’t blame you given the ever increasing electricity bill costs.

We highly recommend that the easiest fix to help reduce power bills is with an easy swap of globes – from Halogen to LED.The reason is that the old halogen globes produce a higher temperature than LEDs, which simply put, means that they are using more electricity.

Check out our simple test on this video to see the comparison for yourself – and a difference in temperature of 20 degrees celsius!

So, the higher the temperature reading of the light fitting, the more energy it uses and the more pressure it puts on the fittings. All components will break down faster. Meaning not just more power costs but also your fittings won’t last as long. So why not swap yours now.

Differences in the colour of an LED downlight

With just the one downlight, you can set the mood of the room with just the flick of a switch.

So you've already made a good choice to go with LED downlights, now the next decision will be to work out what the best light setting is. 

 With just the one down light you can create the mood of the room with just the flick of a switch at the back of the LED down light unit. This is something we like to discuss with customers to help you get the right ambiance in each of your spaces at home or at work. 

Check out Jeff's video talking through the three colour options of the one 9 Watt globe.

These have a switch on the back and you can set them to one of three colours:
Warm white or 3K – ideal for use in bedrooms.
Neutral light or 4K – ideal for living room and lounge rooms.
Cool white or 5K – areas where you need more light such as in bathrooms and hallways. 

It's great - just one light used in three different ways with a totally different feel in the room.

A sensible choice - LED Batten lights

It's amazing to see the difference between old and new lighting technology - and the impact that has on energy use and the level of brightness you can get into a room.

Our test this time was to show - with video proof - the difference between the old technology: A double fluro 36 Watt old-style fluro and a new: LED batten 40 Watt LED light fitting.

The main measure was in the level of light being created in the room from the light fitting. This is measured in a electrician's term called "LUX". Basically, the higher the LUX the brighter it is.

We measured the LUX before and after... and the results were...
The old-style fluro measured 1100 LUX
The new LED Batten put out 2500 LUX

The new technology is an obviously sensible choice - you never have to replace the tube, it puts out more light and is more energy efficient. That's a win win win.

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